Our Favorite Herb Once Banned in The United States

Stevia was once banned in the United States.

Stevia was banned in the United States in 1991 for use in food, it could only be sold as a dietary supplement. Only after a surprising effort from the soft drink industry, specific compounds from the Stevia plant were eventually made legal as a food additive.

Stevia Could Be Useful for Weight Loss.

Even though the sweet flavor of stevia makes it an amazing sugar replacement, it has seemingly opposing effects compared to sugar. It contains absolutely no calories and is a zero on the glycemic index. This makes stevia an effective way to add a little sweetness without burdening the liver which could translate to pounds of unwanted fat!


Stevia Is a Whole Food.

The best quality, and non-bitter stevia comes from whole leaf. Once the stevia plant has flowered or is made into an extract containing stems or other parts of the plant, it leaves an extremely unpleasant lingering flavor in the mouth. Many stevia extracts contain unnecessary fillers and tagalong ingredients that can be irritating to those who are sensitive; my mom claims she gets headaches from the stevia sold at her local health food store, never from the organic extract we are using.


Stevia may help regulate blood sugar.

In some studies, stevia has been shown to reduce insulin levels after eating. This has the potential to regulate healthy blood sugar levels in people with high insulin, and could possibly improve glucose tolerance. This means that stevia can help the body resist higher amounts of insulin.


Stevia may be able to eliminate Lyme Disease.

In more recent studies, stevia has been shown to be effective in eliminating the spirochetes bacteria associated with Lyme Disease. Not only have these studies shown that stevia might rid the body of these spirochetes. Stevia also potentially prevents the body from contracting the bacteria.


We think stevia is a wonderful replacement in recipes where sugar is commonly used. We suggest doing your own research. Find out where your stevia comes from, and what parts of the plant are used. Try looking for organic, whole leaf stevia that is minimally processed without unnecessary filler ingredients. Incorporating high quality, non-bitter stevia made my transition to a low-sugar lifestyle almost effortless!


  • Thanks for the article…. and Of course! The US would ban anything that has actual health benefits. FDA is so corrupt. I do my own research and this was help very helpful .

    Lisa Banny
  • I’ve been using Stevia well over 12 years. I think people get confused when using it, and if using pure liquid extract, even when instructed to use 1 to 2 drops in a cup of beverage, (Stevia’s sweetness is so much more powerful than artificial sweeteners or sugar, many more times powerful!). Even when cautioned and instructed to only use 1-2 drops for a cup of coffee or tea, I’ve seen people squeeze a stream of liquid Stevia extract into a cup and then complain the taste is not good!! It must be used appropriately to benefit from this NATURAL SWEETENER, WITHOUT THE NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS OF SUGAR. It seems people also confuse this fact, and the brains turn to using Stevia vs. sugar for weight loss! That’s not the first goal, thw first goal is to avoid the negative toxic side effects of sugar, and yes, weight loss is one, but avoiding the chemical side effects of sugar is the most important. We use edible substances to satisfy sweet cravings, and Stevia is a safe, natural plant product at least 10X more powerful as a sweetener as UNSAFE SUGAR. USE IT MINDFULLY AND ENJOY, WHOLE LEAF, CRUMBLED, AND ORGANIC, 100% PURE.

    Ann Godwin
  • So, is the plant still illegal? Are the High Fructose Corn Syrup lobbyists dictating what happens?

    Steven Casey
  • Thank you I love your article.


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