The Sugar-Free Truffles That Are Changing The Way The World Eats Cacao.

I’ve always been aware of the issues attached to sourcing chocolate from the wrong places.

When I discovered chocolate didn’t need to be roasted a lot of things started to change.

I was going through my own transformations at the time so I started questioning everything about what I was doing.

Even though I was still young, I never had a lot of energy and felt super lethargic most of the time. Seeing everyone else around me excel while I was just trying to make it through the day became really depressing.

I started to notice a lot of these same patterns in my family. I began to feel if I didn’t change my ways I would live the rest of my life like this.

I knew I needed to change my priorities. Even though I loved making chocolate I was going to have to quit if I kept using the same sugary processed ingredients (even if they were fair-trade and organic).

Almond Butter Chocolates

As I began to feel better I started to value my abundance of energy and clear head more than anything else.

I didn’t have the heart to keep selling the kind of foods that I knew once dragged me down.

Life was a lot better for me, I started to share what I learned with others and have on several occasions been invited to speak about my journey.

I re-engineered every aspect of what I was doing with chocolate all those years ago to create what you are experiencing today.

First I cut out sugar but quickly learned that I was not going to be able to get the same flavors and especially not the same texture and mouth feel without sugar and the sweeteners I was using….

Or so I thought.

For those of you who are wondering what the deal is when some chocolate producers call themselves chocolate makers and others call themselves chocolatiers, since I never really knew the difference:

A chocolate maker is someone who makes chocolate from scratch, selecting, blending and grinding down their own cacao into what we all know as chocolate, usually sold exclusively as bars.  

A chocolatier is someone who takes already processed chocolate and makes truffles, flavored bars and creative treats.

I started off as a chocolatier so making truffles, creating epic designs and filling bars was no problem. What really revolutionized my craft was the day I decided to make the jump and make chocolate from scratch.

I was already fine tuning every known variable to create the shiniest smoothest chocolate available, using the best filtered water for cleaning all molds and utensils, UV filtering and lowering humidity in the kitchen air, polishing molds to leave no residue and screening the chocolate for contaminants.  

The additional control of the processing when I started making the chocolate too took things to the ultimate level of precision.

What you are experiencing today is always hand made with no compromise on quality of ingredients. I couldn’t let that happen. We choose the most environmentally friendly packing and shipping methods possible, not toxic foam plastics.

Since we are still small it is not uncommon for us to run out of certain flavors, especially special releases. We will always ship your order super fast, usually the same day with a tracking number so you are never left hanging.

What’s even cooler is that myself and everyone at Phi Kind is genuinely excited to be here, truly striving to make the best chocolate possible! Just ask anyone on our team; I can say with absolute certainty that everyone here sees the bigger picture, and is dedicated to positive stewardship of the planet and everyone we source ingredients from.

Share in the joy of our journey with cacao today!