healthy chocolate in an entirely new way.

organic + sugar-free

We Have a Passion for Purity.

You'll be surprised to know that our chocolate doesn't have any added sugars. Our proprietary blend of organic sweeteners makes it deliciously sweet and satisfying, while still being out-of this world indulgent!

Stone Ground

We stone-grind our heirloom cacao nibs at low temperatures - below 118° F - to maintain flavor, enzymes and nutrients.

Nutritiously Good

We then add whole, organic, raw plant foods and super-herbs like cherries, vanilla bean, turmeric and reishi mushroom.

Organically Sweetened

We use a proprietary blend of the most high-quality, organic sweeteners we could find: Monk Fruit, Stevia and non-GMO, Organic Erythritol

Having something to sip on that tastes good but still provides the stress-lowering benefits I'm looking for for is rare. Cacao Calm solves the problem, PLUS is made with ingredients that I can fully get behind!

- Thomas DeLauer

These are so delicious I could cry. Autoimmune, non-dairy, no soy options are rare. Even more rare to find options that taste good. These chocolates don't just taste amazing, they are true gourmet truffles!

- MJ

So far I am enjoying Cacao Calm. The quality ingredients seem to have helped knock back cravings. I think its helping keep my stress lower. I made a choice to prioritize health and spend more. I think it's paying off!

- Sheila G.

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