Living Ratio Story

I still remember the first truffle I made in my kitchen back in Sonoma, California.

Back then, Living Ratio was a distant dream.

I wasn't a chocolatier or a nutritionist - just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary love for chocolate.

But it wasn't just about making chocolates.

It was about creating a kind of chocolate that didn't exist: sugar-free, full of flavor, and absolutely guiltless.

Fast-forward to today, Living Ratio has become more than a brand — it's become a mission to reinvent the way we think about chocolate and indulgence.

Every luscious piece we create is a testament to our commitment: delivering an unparalleled experience of healthy, sugar-free chocolate that tastes even better.

Part of this mission was born from personal struggle - not only was I navigating through unforeseen business uncertainties, but also fighting personal health challenges that left me battling chronic fatigue and brain fog.

When I discovered a link between my sugar consumption and these ssues, everything changed forever.

That marked the birth of Living Ratio - a chocolate revolution that was not just about creating a brand, but about creating a healthier and tastier option for everyone.

Our quest for purity extends beyond organic labels - we scrutinize each ingredient to ensure its integrity and authenticity.

In other words, if there’s a better option out there, know that we will find it, and we will use it.

While I began this journey for personal reasons, Living Ratio quickly grew into something bigger. 

It became a way to empower every person with healthier indulgence options - whether they're battling with diet restrictions, sugar concerns, or simply wanting to make better food choices.

With each truffle, we're challenging the myth that 'healthy' and 'delicious' can't coexist.

Our chocolates are crafted to impress even the most discerning chocolate lover, without any of the guilt typically associated with indulging your sweet tooth.

We take immense pride in creating an indulgence you can feel good about.

Each bite of our chocolate offers the rich flavor of high-quality chocolate without any hidden sugars or artificial sweeteners.

And this isn’t just about what we leave out — it’s also about what we put in.

We're dedicated to sourcing globally and supporting ethical farming practices, showing that sustainability and flavor can and should go hand in hand.

This commitment extends to every stage of our production process.

From reducing waste to choosing reusable packaging, we strive for sustainability in all aspects of our operations.

But more importantly, we are committed to transparency and honesty - values that form the backbone of our brand.

Since we began this journey, Living Ratio has been embraced by many who share our vision for guilt-free pleasure.

As I look back at my first truffle experiment in my modest Sonoma kitchen, I feel immense gratitude for being able to bring this vision to life and share it with you.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Whether you’ve been with us since day one or have recently discovered us — welcome!

Together, let's redefine indulgence and celebrate the joy of guilt-free chocolate.

With gratitude,

Founder, Living Ratio