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The best chocolate in the world starts with the best ingredients. Period.

We’re inspired by the true potential of minimally processed whole foods. If you start with the good stuff there is really no need to heavily process anything.

We are motivated by knowing that thousands of people can finally enjoy a sweet treat without compromising on taste, nutrition or purity.

The purity of each ingredient is everything to us. Just because it has an organic label does not mean it is clean. And even if it supposedly doesn’t need to be organic, we source organic anyway.

For the person who believes in voting with their dollars - When you support a company like ours, you support other companies and the people behind them, from the farmer to the chocolate maker.

We guarantee that no other chocolate company obsesses about the entire experience like we do.

Every ingredient is hand selected and tested against as many alternatives as possible, we never cut corners. If there is a better option that exists, we find it, and we use it.

We care deeply about our impact on the environment, using shipping materials and insulation that is recyclable but also protects your chocolate, from our factory to your home.

If there is anything we can do to help you… or if something does not work for you, contact us right away and we will find you something that does. Your happiness is ALWAYS our top priority and we stand by what we make.

You deserve to be able to have a sweet treat without compromise, without guilt, and made by people who truly care.

We are constantly researching ways to make you better products, not just limited to chocolate. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We love what we do and it’s our honor to be able to share it with you.

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Our Roots:


Before starting Living Ratio, Jonathan struggled with fatigue and brain fog.

He was never sure if he would ever live a normal, happy life.

After his mom got sick, he dedicated his life to research, obsessively studying scientific literature to better understand what was happening.

As he learned more about our food supply, it was clear that something had to be done... nobody was focusing on quality, purity and nutrient density from the sourcing of ingredients to the finished product. 

Through Living Ratio, many aspects of chocolate making had to be reinvented, from the equipment that was used to the delicate balance of each ingredient.

Here at the kitchen, quality, purity and - of course - flavor are our top priorities.

We promise to never compromise.... We eat what we make too!