Unveiling the Magic of Truffle Making: A Journey with Jill at Living Ratio

Truffles, those exquisite and luxurious treats, are known worldwide for their unparalleled flavor and aroma. But have you ever wondered how these delicacies are created? Let's take a behind-the-scenes look at the art of truffle making and meet Jill, the dedicated artisan at Living Ratio's truffle factory!  

Living Ratio's Truffle-Making Process: the artistry in truffle making begins with the selection of the finest ingredients, and we take great care in the process. Here's how Jill crafts these delectable confections:

Meticulous Filling: Jill meticulously prepares the truffle fillings, expertly blending flavors and textures. She combines the highest quality chocolate to create the indulgent centers.

Dipping in Chocolate: The truffle centers are then gently dipped in a pool of rich, velvety chocolate, coating them to perfection. Jill's mastery ensures an even, exquisite coating.

Decorative Flair: If the truffles feature any decorative elements or toppings, Jill applies them with precision, adding that extra touch of elegance and flavor.


Hand-Packaged with Love: In the final step, Jill and our team lovingly hand-package each truffle. The boxes are filled with these exquisite creations, ensuring that every box is a gift of indulgence.

 Now, with a glimpse into how Jill works her magic, customers can better appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each Living Ratio truffle. So, the next time you savor one of these delightful confections, remember Jill and her artistic touch that makes it all possible.

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I can't wait til you can try them!

- Jill