Limited Mother’s Day Truffle Collection Is Here!


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Each Box Contains 20 Truffles.

4 Limited-Edition Mother’s Day Flavors (5x Truffles Per Flavor).

50 Boxes Available.

Celebrate the warmth of love and gratitude with our special Mother's Day Truffle Collection.

Every truffle is a tribute to affection, handcrafted with meticulous care and embodying the sweetness of appreciation. Our unique low-temperature stone grinding process, spanning almost three days, ensures the preservation of the splendid flavors and nutritional richness of the world's best cacao.

In each box, you'll discover four unique, limited-edition flavors:

  • 85% Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Truffles
  • Earl Grey Truffles
  • 70% White Rose Truffles
  • Cherry Almond Butter Truffles

But remember - with only 50 boxes crafted, these tokens of love won't last long. Express your gratitude with this delightful collection and make Mother's Day unforgettable.

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3 Boxes - $51.33/Box (Save 14.44%)
3 Boxes - $51.33/Box (Save 14.44%)
2 Boxes - $55.50/Box (Save 7.5%)
1 Box - $60.00/Box
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In your Mother’s
Day Truffle Box:

85% Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt Truffles

Enjoy the profound simplicity of our 85% Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Truffles. Each morsel offers a taste experience of rich, intense Peruvian cacao, balanced by the hint of fragrant vanilla and a dusting of delicate fleur de sel sea salt. Pure simplicity, perfectly perfected.

Earl Grey Truffles

Dive into a British teatime fantasy with our Earl Grey Truffles. The smooth richness of Peruvian raw cacao is harmoniously blended with the distinct, citrusy notes of organic bergamot essence, each decorated truffle is a tea party nestled within a truffle.

70% White Rose Truffles

Bask in the floral elegance of our 70% White Rose Truffles. Smooth coconut cream chocolate is transformed into a buttery ganache delicately scented with the finest white rose essence sourced from France.

Cherry Almond
Butter Truffles

Indulge in the playful harmony of sweet and tart with our Cherry Almond Butter Truffles. Stone-ground almond butter meets ripe, juicy organic tart cherries in a flavor combination that's utterly irresistible. The result is a crunchy, sweet, and subtly salty treat that sells out within hours every time we make it.

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