Savor the World's Finest Chocolate Drink that Melts Away Stress, Curbs Cravings and Leaves You Feeling Guilt-Free, Energized and Happy…

  • The first sugar-free, keto-friendly, 100% organic chocolate drink that tastes so good, it feels like you're sipping on a liquid dessert…
  • Calm your nervous system, improve your mood, minimize cravings, boost your productivity and so much more with 8 carefully chosen all-natural adaptogens and superfoods…
  • Smoothly dissolves in coffee, milk, smoothies, protein shakes, water, or any other beverage of choice to supercharge your drink and your day…
  • Thousands of raving fans are ditching their morning coffee and after-dinner dessert for this indulgent, guilt-free treat...
Yes! I want to improve my health with chocolate

Brings calm and relaxation into your day


Minimize Cravings

Boosts focus and productivity

Supports immune

The World’s First Healthy Chocolate “Dessert
Drink“ That Melts Stress, Boosts Energy, Skyrockets
Focus & Makes You Feel Incredible...

Living Ratio’s Adaptogenic Drinking Chocolate

Experience a chocolatey drink so delicious and good for you, it will quickly become your new daily healthy ritual. Every serving is a delightful combination of mood-enhancing, stress-reducing, and energy-boosting ingredients... All the while being guilt-free, sugar-free, and 100% organic.

Yes! I want to improve my health with chocolate

How We Recreated a 3,500-Year-Old Superfood Elixir Into the Most Addictive Chocolate Drink You've Ever Had...

Remember enjoying a delicious, steaming mug of Swiss Miss as a kid?

To me, nothing topped that rich, creamy, chocolatey goodness that seemed to magically erase all worries... if only for a moment.

That blissful memory was my starting point to develop the world’s best tasting and healthiest mug of drinking chocolate.

But I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

I wanted to recreate that childhood feeling without all the sugar and empty calories. 

And not just that, I wanted to take it a step (or ten) further.

So I dove deep into the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and coupled it with the latest scientific research. 

I discovered that the ancient civilizations revered the cacao tree and used its beans to create a special beverage - an elixir for health and vitality.

The Aztecs and Mayans called it “the nectar of the gods”.

In Europe, it was reserved only for royalty and the wealthy elite…

Where they referred to it as “drinking chocolate”.

In fact, cacao was so valuable that it was even used as a form of currency.

But somewhere along the way, we traded health for convenience. 

We cast aside this ancient wisdom and made chocolate processed junk rather than a nourishing treat.

Which is why today, chocolate has become a giant guilt-trip instead of a healthy ritual that you can enjoy daily.

That's where Cacao Calm was born.

It's not just a drink, it's an ancient tradition reborn.

I sought out high-quality, organic, and ethically-sourced ingredients…

And created something that would have made our ancestors proud. 

A blend of raw cacao, superfoods and adaptogens known to alleviate stress, boost mood, improve focus, increase energy and minimize cravings.

And when it came to taste, I was relentless. 

I tweaked, tested, and tweaked again - until I got a result that tasted even better than the Swiss Miss of my childhood.

Yes! I want to improve my health with chocolate

Recommended By Thousands, Including Some Of The World’s Top Health Experts…

My favorite is the Cacao Calm superfood blend that I put in my coffee or smoothie every day. The benefits are amazing and it tastes incredible.

Certified Holistic Nutritionist and
4x New York Times Best Selling Author

Wow! I am rarely this impressed with a health product. Since discovering Living Ratio's Cacao Calm, I'm using it daily to make delicious hot drinks that bring me joy & energy. I highly recommend you try spiking your morning coffee with 1tbsp. Thank me later :)

Dr. Anthony

Having something to sip on that tastes good but still provides the stress-lowering benefit that I am looking for is rare. Cacao Calm solves the problem PLUS is made with ingredients that I can fully get behind!

Thomas DeLauer

Husband, Dad, Nutrition Coach to Professional Athletes
(MLB, NFL, NHL) and Social Media Influencer

Living ratio chocolate is amazing! It makes a great gift when you’re not busy eating it😊

President of Piranha Marketing Inc., and
the founder of Genius Network

These chocolates are some of the most delicious chocolates I have had. Your lips will thank you. 🙂 They are organic, sugar-free and have been curated with the best ingredients, attention to detail and the un-compromised LOVE you deserve.

Dr. Cheri Ong

What Makes Cacao Calm Superior?

  • 1 Loaded with 1000 mg of the highest quality ashwagandha on the planet (KSM-66) that calms your nervous system throughout the day
  • 2 Turns your coffee into a “supercharged” health-boosting chocolate elixir 
  • 3 Tastes like the best cup of hot chocolate you’ve ever had without a single ounce of sugar (even better than Swiss Miss)
  • 4 Enhance focus, cognitive function and productivity with full-Fruiting Body Reishi and cordyceps mushrooms
  • 5 100% organic ingredients, devoid of any artificial additives or sweeteners, for a clean and guilt-free indulgence
  • 6 Gets better over time – the more regularly you drink it, the more you'll feel the benefits of the adaptogens and superfoods
  • 7 Backed by top health influencers and loved by thousands across the nation
  • 8 Ketogenic-friendly, dairy-free, and sugar-free, perfect for those with dietary restrictions or simply looking to make healthier choices
Yes! I want to improve my health with chocolate

How To Enjoy Our Drinking Chocolate

(3 Simple Steps)

Step 1

Add one tablespoon to hot or cold liquids (be it coffee, water, smoothies, protein shakes or any other beverage of choice).

Step 2

Shake or stir until fully dissolved.

Step 3

Enjoy the best-tasting cup of chocolate you’ve ever had in your life.

Crafted With 8 Superfoods
And Adaptogens
Carefully Chosen For
Their Mood-Lifting,
Mind-Enhancing Abilities

Rare South American Cacao

Experience the bold, authentic flavor of our cacao sourced from South America. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it's a chocolate lover's dream that also supports your health.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Reduce stress and enhance your overall wellbeing with KSM-66 Ashwagandha. This potent adaptogen is known for its incredible ability to improve mood and vitality.

Full-Fruiting Body Reishi Mushroom:

Promote a calm mind, more focus and a strong immune system with our potent full-fruiting body reishi mushroom extract. It's chosen for its incredible health benefits and subtle earthy flavor.

Full-Fruiting Body Cordyceps

Boost your energy levels and promote longevity with full-fruiting body cordyceps. This medicinal mushroom acts as a natural energizer, balancing your body's energy production to help you perform at your best.

Madagascar Vanilla

Taste the natural sweetness of our gently extracted Madagascar vanilla. Sourced straight from family farms, it enhances the flavor of our blend, making each sip a luxurious experience.

Coconut Milk Powder:

Enjoy the creamy texture of our blend, enhanced by full-fat coconut milk powder. Minimally processed and sourced from Thailand, it provides healthy fats and essential nutrients, elevating the richness of our chocolate drink.

Monk Fruit Extract

Sweeten your day without the calories. Our monk fruit—the 'longevity fruit'—is naturally processed to provide a pleasing sweetness without the aftertaste. Ethically harvested in China, its subtle sweetness makes every sip of our chocolate blend a guilt-free delight.

New Zealand Sea Salt

Balance the sweetness and enhance the overall flavor of our chocolate blend with a touch of pure sea salt. Sourced from New Zealand, it not only tastes good but adds essential minerals for your health.

Yes! I want to improve my health with chocolate

100% “Best Taste” Guarantee

(You’ll Fall In-Love Or Your Money Back)...

This will be the best-tasting and healthiest cup of chocolate you’ve ever had.

You will begin to experience more relaxation throughout your day, improved focus and productivity, less cravings and much more.

You’ll want to drink a cup every day with your coffee, water, and other beverages of choice…

Share it with your friends, family and kids.

And it will become a daily staple in your household.

If not, we will give you a FULL refund with no hassles. Even if the bag is EMPTY.

That’s how confident we are in our adaptogenic drinking chocolate.

The moment people try it, they never want to be without it again.

Especially considering there’s no better way to enjoy delicious chocolate without a single ounce of guilt…

While actually improving your health at the same time.

It seriously feels like cheating.

And remember, our drinking chocolate sells out FAST.

So if you want to try it completely risk-free and at the discounted price you’re getting on this page only…

Don’t wait.

Yes! I want to improve my health with chocolate

Our Drinking Chocolate Vs. Everyone Else

Yes! I want to improve my health with chocolate

How Much Cacao Calm Should I Order?

Most customers opt for a 3 or 6 month supply of Cacao Calm, and here's why:

  • The benefits of Cacao Calm aren't just immediate. They build over time as adaptogens work best with consistent use, meaning the longer you consume them, the more positive effects you're likely to see on your well-being.
  • And let's not forget, stocking up means making savings. The more bags you order, the less each one costs. Most of our customers end up coming back for more anyway, so it makes sense to save now rather than paying more later.
  • We also want to let you in on something - due to the high demand for our unique Cacao Calm, we're always at risk of selling out. Ordering a 3 or 6 month supply doesn't just save money and extend your enjoyment; it also guarantees your stash of Cacao Calm.
  • So when you think about 'how much should I order?' consider the continuous benefits, the cost saving and securing your supply of Cacao Calm against potential sell-outs. That's why most customers choose the 3 or 6 month supply!

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