The Shocking Chocolate Secret Dietitians Don't Want You To Know…  Drink Delicious Cocoa Everyday To Melt Pounds Fast. 

The Surprising Health Benefit Of Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth?

“The hidden reason you can't lose weight…
… And how this irresistible chocolate concoction finally allows you to melt fat while indulging your sugar cravings.”

You've tried it all…

The diets, the exercise plans, gritting your teeth as you deny every food craving and yet, the weight never seems to budge.

Just think of how many times you replaced one of your favorite snacks/ meals with another salad.

Could it be you've been going about it all wrong?

What if I told you the real reason you struggle to lose weight has nothing to do with calories or willpower?

If only you could flip the “OFF” switch on your relentless sweet tooth.

Because you know exactly what happens when it’s “ON”.

You feel possessed by a ravenous sweet tooth that defies all reason and self-control.

I know that feeling all too well…

The anguish of seeing your weight loss efforts destroyed when, against your better judgment, you succumb to a late-night ice cream binge or afternoon trip to the donut shop.




You plunge into the sweet stuff without thinking twice, as though in a trance.

It's a rollercoaster ride of craving, indulging and depriving that becomes exhausting over time…

Not to mention, utterly demoralizing as the pounds continue to pack on despite your best intentions.

Look, I get it.

It's easy to start feeling like a failure or to assume that you lack the commitment or willpower to get thin and healthy.

After all, the “experts” tell us getting thin is just a matter of eating right and exercising more, right?

The problem is not that you’re lazy or undisciplined. It's that you've been sold a bill of goods - that getting slim requires suffering through joyless diets.

Restrictive diets and extreme exercise regimens are unsustainable in the long run.

Depriving yourself is a surefire path to rebound weight gain and binge eating when your willpower inevitably crumbles.


It’s NOT your fault…

What if you could indulge your appetite for delicious foods AND peel off pounds of stubborn flab?

Wouldn't it be a joy to satisfy your cravings while transforming your body into a fat-burning machine?

Crazy, right?!

This dream scenario is now a reality, thanks to an incredible cocoa elixir meticulously designed to flood your body with “appetite-taming” nutrients to curb cravings FAST while actively melting away fat.

I bet I know what you’re already thinking…

“This sounds fake.”

Look, I said the same exact thing when I first heard about it.

I actually stumbled across THIS on accident.

Just keep reading as I pull back the curtains on this delicious, chocolatey miracle, responsible for helping me and thousands of others shrink fat off for good within a matter of weeks!

And how my desperate attempt to getting slim became the one thing that actually introduced me to finding this shocking chocolate discovery:

“The reflection of the store window changed everything…”

Hi, I’m Cat.

2 Years Ago

Looking back 2 years ago, it was a really challenging time for me… I didn’t know it back then, but in reality, I had hit rock bottom.

Before I had my big wake-up call that changed my life, I never thought my weight was that big of an issue.

Even though emotionally and physically I always felt drained and sluggish, I still somehow didn’t think it was because of how much I had gained over the past few years…

After all, I was a regular gym goer and had replaced a lot of my bad eating habits with healthier options.

Salads were my go-to thing back then, and yeah, I would binge snacks every now and then, but it wasn’t as much as I used to at that time.

But how I thought I was doing and how I thought I looked, soon changed…

I remember my rock bottom very clearly.

I was out walking my dog one day and went past a big store window.

I looked up just for a second to catch a look at my reflection and what I saw in front of me instantly depressed me…

For a few moments I could barely recognize myself staring back at me.

My body was just bulges and sagging skin.

It was like a punch to the gut.

Instantly, I started thinking to myself:

“Oh my gosh! How?! When did I get so big?..”

I’ll never forget that day, it literally shook me back to reality.

I shuffled home feeling absolutely hopeless because my thought was if all of my best efforts to get thin led me here, how in the world was I ever going to lose all of this weight?

Looking back, what I could’ve done was run through the same old routines you and I have gotten used to, only this time do it harder:

Yo-yo dieting, spending more time on a treadmill, totally cutting carbs and sweets out, and so forth…

But unlike MOST who usually fall into the trap of constant setbacks or frequent quitting and restarting, my fat loss journey decided to take an unusual shortcut off the beaten path…

One that put me straight into the fast lane, skipping all of the nonsense (like losing 6 lbs one week, then gaining 11 the very next, and on and on.)

Believe it or not, I got pretty lucky…

And came across THIS very unconventional trick that since adding to my regular day-to-day routine, has helped me curb my cravings, re-energize my focus throughout the day, and still helped me burn fat all while enjoying sweets. (My favorite part ;)

It’s almost like this special secret was heaven-sent because as soon as I started taking it every morning, it made losing weight more doable (For me? – It’s just simple and sustainable.)

And in less than 3 months, I had dropped down 39 pounds!

I went from 211 LBS to 172…

And now?

I only keep getting smaller and smaller!

I lost more weight than I ever had in the past consistently and with so much more ease than ever before…

How in the world was a mom, with a full-time
job, finally able to lose weight this fast?

Answer: I can’t take full credit for the results… I’d like to, but I’ve got a little cheat code up my sleeve.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked really hard to lose weight before, but it always seemed like the results never matched the effort or energy I was putting in.

But now, I was shocked because, for the first time, it was actually easier than I had EVER imagined.

I almost didn’t believe it – within just weeks, my underarms, love handles, thighs, butt, and waist had shrunk so much that I could barely keep my old clothes from falling off of me.

I tried putting on an old outfit that I used to wear a few years ago and it looked like I was putting on a toga… They just dropped to the ground.

What a surprise and how fulfilling it is to finally recognize yourself in the mirror again!

It’s not just about getting thin or looking good in the mirror…

I feel like I’ve been given a chance to regain my confidence and allow myself to enjoy life again.

And the crazy thing is…

My story’s NOT unique…

Just like the thousands of others who’ve used this same formula and have seen similar, if not better results!

Especially for women at this age… (over 40), this isn’t supposed to be possible for us, but with a little help from this delicious treat, it still amazes me just how easily transformations like mine happen all of the time.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Cacao Calm uses clinically effective doses (SO important) of active ingredients, which has helped me navigate intensely stressful situations with ease. Not to mention it tastes absolutely heavenly. I’m in love!

Nicole Petersen

Registered Dietitian

Having something to sip on that tastes good but still provides the stress-lowering benefit that I am looking for is rare. This solves the problem PLUS is made with ingredients that I can fully get behind

Thomas DeLauer

Author & Fitness Coach

I had read about the benefits of each ingredient individually, but never knew how to incorporate them into my diet. Cacao Calm is packed full of everything you need to stay mindful, focused, and energized every day.

Dr. Silvano Senn,


Who would’ve ever guessed that a crave-able divine, chocolatey treat could be the secret to losing fat with ease?

As I said before, I never expected to find the answer in something as sweet as THIS:

Come to find out, neither did the guy who invented it…

Yep, you heard that correctly. 

This guy’s not just a World-Class Chocolate Maker, but a Food Scientist too…

And when he first discovered this fat-burning formula, it wasn’t because he was trying to lose weight… 

In fact, he wasn’t looking to do anything like that at all.

Meet Jonathan Pantalis:

Before ever discovering this unique fat-burning element…

Jonathan struggled for years with low energy, fatigue, brain fog, and depression.

His symptoms had controlled so much of his life, that for a long time, he doubted if he would ever be able to live a normal, happy life.

After his mom got sick, he then had all the extra incentive he needed and dedicated himself entirely to research, obsessively studying scientific literature to better understand the root causes of these health problems.

And for more than a decade, he had been in pursuit of finding a remedy…

Something that could be used to easily overcome the lingering effects of STRESS within the body.

Well it turns out, when stress takes place in the body, fat grows there too…

Whenever you feel stressed, your brain makes a hormone called cortisol, AKA the "stress hormone.”

Too much cortisol in your body tells your cells to store more fat. And get this…

For women, it especially stores fat around their bellies.

Cortisol is also known to raise your blood sugar levels. This makes your body produce more insulin. Insulin is the hormone that tells your cells to store fat.

So not only does your body signal to itself to make more fat, but to store it (No wonder why losing fat feels like you’re fighting an up hill battle!)

High cortisol + high insulin = more fat storage, especially around your middle section (belly).

Then cortisol sends signals straight to your fat cells.

It activates genes that increase fat building enzymes.

What happens to your fat cells is they have what’s called cortisol receptors. When cortisol attaches onto these receptors, it triggers fat “production and storage.”

And… More fat cells also release inflammatory chemicals that make you gain even more fat.

When you're stressed for a long time, your cortisol stays high. All of these effects build up over time and as you’ve guessed it, it ONLY gets worse.

  • Stress = more cortisol
  • Cortisol = higher blood sugar
  • Higher blood sugar = more insulin
  • Insulin + cortisol = more belly fat

Which is why long-term stress usually leads to belly fat.

But what if you could reverse stress?..

Then what?

Well, who would’ve ever imagined that within the same formula used to make delicious chocolate, you could also unlock the secret to relieving stress, boosting your energy, reviving mental clarity, andburning fat all at the same time?

After years of researching and testing, searching for the purest, most nutrient-dense ingredients, and measuring out the perfect ratios…


Immediately, Jonathan began sharing the same formula he had seen transform him and his mom with close friends and family, eager to see similar results with them.

And within days he was getting such positive feedback – it blew him away.

What’s interesting is that the majority of them weren’t just relieving their stress or helping them stay focused throughout the day…

They were suddenly losing weight too (and lots of it!)

That’s how I first found out about this delicious, irresistible chocolatey concoction.

Not long after my little run in with that store window, I ran into an old friend at the store.

It had only been a few months since I last saw her, but this time she looked completely different…

And for a few seconds, I didn’t even recognize her:




I couldn’t help but stare, being in complete awe of her:

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t even recognize you! You look so good… Whatever you’re doing, I need some of THAT, cuz nothing I do is working (Obviously.) You must be working out like crazy… What’re you doing?”

Now, what she said next really had me confused…

To the point where my confusion turned into immediate jealousy and denial:

“I haven’t changed anything, really…”, she said.

“LIAR…” I thought.

There’s no way that’s the truth.

What was she hiding?

“No really, what do you eat? How often do you work out?”, I said.

She responded: “I try to walk more often and not eat out as much as I used to, but that’s about it.”

A little annoyed by the answers she was giving me and expecting some different advice, I backed off a bit in the conversation.

After all, I was desperate to find anything that could help me get back to feeling good about the way I looked…

That’s when my friend started to dig into her purse and pulled out a small package of what seemed to look plain chocolate powder…

You know? The kind you use to make hot cocoa with?

“I actually take this stuff every day”, she said…

“It’s been a lifesaver for me. Especially as a bedtime treat. Here, you should try it… ”

Skeptical, I took the package.

I don’t mean to sound negative, but at that time, I right away started thinking to myself:

“Yeah, this isn’t gonna work… ‘Cocoa Powder?!’ No way.”

Come to find out, my friend from the store actually heard about Jonathan and his story on a podcast months earlier and had began trying his stuff out.

Crazy timing, right?

Thank goodness I ran into my friend at the store that day…

Had I not crossed paths with her at that moment, I think I’d still be overweight now… Miserable and on the verge of quitting again.

Because at that time, I was hopelessly holding on for dear life…

Not too long ago, I had just made the commitment to myself that I was finally going to get thin and I didn’t want to go back on my word.

I wanted to make myself proud and was determined to make it happen at all costs.

I needed to lose this weight!

But I felt my confidence and desire to stay strong fade away, day after day…

It breaks my heart to think that there are so many people out there that are trying to force their way into getting thin.

I’ve done it and like I’ve said, it NEVER works… And if it does, it NEVER lasts (the weight somehow finds its way back.)


Because punishing yourself is not a sustainable way to get or stay thin.

All thanks to THIS big lie that I, and so many others just like me, hold on to:

“In order to lose/ keep fat off, I have to give up my cravings.”

LIE: In order to lose/ keep fat off, I have to give up my cravings.

The truth is, you’ll never EVER have to give up your own cravings…

In fact, I highly recommend you give in to your cravings (as much as you’d like.)

Yes, you don’t have hearing problems and you heard that correctly…

I repeat, if you want to finally lose fat and keep it off for good, the best thing you can do for yourself is GIVE IN TO YOUR CRAVINGS.

I know this completely goes against everything you’ve been taught about fat loss and staying thin, right?

That’s because the key to losing fat with ease actually means giving in to your cravings the “RIGHT” way.

This is why so many continue to lose progress in their fat loss journey…

They try so hard to keep themselves on track with their goals, resisting every single urge to keep it all together.

They punish themselves by white-knuckling it, or even worse – giving in to their cravings the “WRONG” way with sugars and ingredients that are addictive and harmful to their body.

But what if you could treat yourself instead (not just your tastebuds)?

What if you could reward yourself for your efforts with a decadent, chocolatey beverage?

The science behind this chocolate blend is absolutely fascinating… (it’s actually a specific ratio and blend of superfoods – but don’t worry - you’d never know by how it tastes!)

Using clinically effective doses of active adaptogens, these certified organic/triple lab-tested ingredients create the ultimate concoction:

  • Zen-based energy with no crash later*
  • Increased focus, balanced mood, a boosted immune system, and increased endurance & vitality*
  • 100% Sugar-Free, Sweetness from Monk Fruit Extract

And best of all?

So what’s in it?

Scientists have found that these secret adaptogens (unique plants that help the body resist stressors and maintain overall balance) found in jungles of Asia for thousands of years are what make up this exclusive superfood blend. (Don’t let the “superfood” part fool you, it’s delicious.)

You know what one of your worst enemies is when it comes to losing fat?


Like what was said before, stress is directly linked with belly fat which causes your cortisol levels to jump, resulting in overeating, lousy sleep, a slower metabolism, and a long laundry list of even worse symptoms

After years of research, Jonathan was able to apply the same ancient knowledge he had learned from Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine (ancient, natural/ holistic knowledge applied to physical/ mental health) to his chocolate.

Here are just some of the amazing plants, herbs, and roots you’ll find in this one-of-a-kind blend.

I promise you’ve never seen anything like this before:


1000mg full-spectrum extract helps reduce Stress & Anxiety and assists Memory & Cognition*

  • Most well-known for regulating stress in the body.
  • Ashwagandha lowers cortisol (the pesky stress hormone tied to belly fat) levels which makes it easier to get rid of fat.


The perfect little mushroom for boosting your immune system and lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Research suggests they may help support weight loss by fighting fatigue


Immune Support, aids Endurance, Performance, & Vitality*

  • Want to feel energized? This is your top mushroom used to improve your mood and energy.
  • It even enhances your body’s anti-aging properties. (Rewinding your age…)


Increased Energy, Healthier Skin, Source of Antioxidants*


Sweet Flavor, Smooth Texture, and Energy Support*

  • An amazing source of several key vitamins (Vit. C) and minerals (Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, etc…) all needed for a healthy metabolism.


Calorie-Free & Sugar-Free Natural Sweetener

  • A small, melon-like fruit reported to taste 100 to 250 times sweeter than sugar… And without any of the bad stuff linked to regular sugar.  
  • Zero calories? Absolutely… 


Solar-Dried and sourced from the purest parts of the Pacific Ocean

  • “Too much salt is bad for you, right?”: Recent research shows that as long you're well hydrated, high salt intake can actually be beneficial for you.
  • This isn’t your regular kind of table salt you find just anywhere…
  • The difference isn’t just found in its high mineral content (in comparison to average salt) but in its amazing flavor.

Now imagine combining every one of these pure, organic super ingredients, mashing them all together in the perfect ratios, and turning it into one, sweet, blissful, chocolatey beverage… 

You won’t find anything like this out there.

BTW, don’t be fooled into thinking that this unique formula was somehow made by accident or luck. 

This formula wasn’t made overnight.

In fact, it took years of trial and error/lab test after test and hundreds of corrections until the perfect formula was finally created.

It’s why you won’t EVER find anything like this anywhere else… 


Because even if you threw in all of the same ingredients…

I doubt you’ll find anything as pure and organic as Jonathan’s, or even be able to have the same confidence knowing that each ingredient has been triple lab tested…  – He’s spent years dialing in the sourcing of each ingredient.

Not to mention, MOST other knockoffs claim and promise instant weight loss…


Because without the science to back them or the organic/pure ingredients to verify their powder, all you're left with is an empty (lacking nutrients) bag of a chocolate flavored mix.

Plus, this specific ratio and blend actually tricks your brain into thinking it’s getting the sugar it’s craving… 

But actually, it delivers this unique package of nutrients at a cellular level that crushes the craving without giving up and feeding your body sugar.

Oh, and BTW… Jonathan and his team DON’T OUTSOURCE ANYTHING. 

It’s all made under the same umbrella (the same team.)

If you haven’t noticed by now, he’s very particular about how his chocolate is made, meaning you get the absolute best batch every single time guaranteed without having to worry about cutting corners in any part of the process. 

Impeccably Pure

We are obsessed with sourcing the cleanest organic ingredients on earth.

Every component in this special formula is carefully chosen and rigorously tested for purity and flavor to ensure we are providing you the best functional chocolate experience that feels as good as it tastes.


We don't rely on exaggerated hype and overused marketing gimmicks. Cacao Calm is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Our formula was built on centuries of research on how adaptogens can help support stress relief, improved mood, & elevated energy.

Ethically Sourced

Just because something is good for us physically, doesn’t mean it’s good for the planet or farm laborers.‍

We pride ourselves on sourcing ingredients from small-scale farmers to minimize environmental impact and support a working wage significantly higher than fair trade standards.

It’s no wonder why thousands of others continue to come back for more…

After the feedback given from so many friends and clients…
Jonathan finally decided to release this chocolatey miracle to the world:


The World’s First, Ultimate SuperFood Chocolate Blend

To enjoy, just add one serving [1 rounded tablespoon: 8g] to 8 fl oz of hot, warm, and cold liquids of your choice.

You can prepare it as a relaxing, hot cocoa drink before bedtime…

Add it to an irresistible, morning brew, create an amazing ice-cold drink… 

OR even make the perfect dessert with it.

Whatever you choose, your sweet tooth will thank you ;)

There’s only one downside to this whole entire thing…  

Our last batch, just recently SOLD OUT.

And with the high demand and a limited supply to fill customer orders, “Out-of-Stocks” can become more and more common.

So, if you ever do get your hands on one of these packs of chocolate… 

Consider yourself lucky because most of the time, they sell out quickly.

Look, trying to relieve stress is hard enough as it is already…

Not to mention the stuff that doesn’t even cross your mind or count as “stress” throughout your typical day:

Busy job, lack of sleep, traffic, kids, and the list goes on and on.

And to pile on top of it all: Losing weight? It’s no wonder why it feels impossible to make a change.

This is exactly why I struggled for years and years to keep the weight off… 

Yes, there were many times when I had made great progress, but that was usually followed by depressing setbacks and frequent weight gain.

Really, in the end, you kind of only have 2 choices…

You can either choose to fight a losing battle (the one against your sugar/ sweet tooth cravings)... And spiral down a cycle of self-hatred and punishment… 

OR… You can indulge your cravings the “RIGHT” way.

And lose fat easily… 

Easy as cake, right?

Not to mention, have you ever counted the actual cost of giving into your cravings the “WRONG” way?

How that affects your body and your wallet?

Do you know how much that late-night “sugar rush” run to the gas station/ grocery store looking for sweets really costs you?

Let's say for example you wake up in the middle of the night craving chocolate chip cookies…

Those cost about $3.50 for a pack.

Well, if you’ve been in this kind of situation before, then you know very well that you won’t be eating just 2 or 3 cookies, but the entire box.

And sooner or later, your addiction to sugar just kicked in and you want more… 

Within a few hours, you’ve just added roughly 300 - 500 garbage calories to your body with no nourishment or nutritional value… 

You’ve wasted close to $5 per binge (not including gas), and now you’re feeling even more depressed than before.

BTW, that’s rounding down on the numbers…

My guess is it probably turns into 2 boxes and more like $10 out of your pocket.

Sure, maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot to you, but everything adds up over time...

And before you know it, you’re shocked, wondering how in the world you gained 5 lbs over the weekend.

Not to mention, you can say goodbye to all of that progress you just made because you’ve just been sucked back into the same downward spiral you were fighting to get out of in the first place

“The Sugar Spiral.”

Welcome back to square one, only this time, you’ve LOST more resolve and trust within yourself which is the real price you should be worried about paying.

That’s the cost you have to pay every single time you decide to give in to your cravings the “WRONG” way…

And trust me, from personal experience, I’ve done much worse (binging for days, even weeks, before I came back to my senses.) 

So consider this…

A low-calorie beverage (roughly 25 calories per scoop) that tastes like SWISS MISS, hits the sugar spot for your sweet tooth, turns off your cravings, and is roughly $2 - $3 per scoop of cacao.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the best taste for your stomach, with the best results for shedding fat without ever having to compromise on quality, then this is it!


100% Moneyback Guarantee


Experience Cacao Calm Risk-Free

We'd be astonished if you didn't feel the effects and appreciate the benefits of Cacao Calm. However, if for any reason you're not satisfied – we'll refund every penny. No hassle. No hoops to jump through.

Whether the results don't meet your expectations…

Or even if you simply don't enjoy the delightful chocolate taste...

You're protected by our 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Email us at and we'll return every dollar you paid.

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The Story

Losing my home in a fire, almost going bankrupt, and a variety of other challenges in my personal life... You could say that I know the effect stress can have on our physical and mental health.

Stress and panic can be a vicious cycle that can feel impossible to escape.

Going back to my nutritional roots. I gathered the world’s most powerful adaptogens and committed myself to finding an answer that was not just a temporary quick fix.

I believe that health should taste amazing and be as effortless as possible. Staying consistent in this day and age is crucial to getting the results we deserve

It took almost a year to track down each ingredient and perfect this life-changing drink - I know after your first sip you will feel tha love and intention we put into this special mix.

Jonathan Pantalis

Founder of Living Ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cacao Calm taste and how do I make it?

Cacao Calm has been formulated with both flavor and nutrition in mind. We think it tastes amazing with just water (the powder itself is very similar to brownie mix in flavor and aroma!) but feel free to experiment with stirring, frothing, blending, and shaking to figure out what works best for you!

How can adaptogens benefit the body?

Adaptogens have been used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries - Reishi, Cordyceps, and Ashwagandha, all of which are liberally integrated into this blend, are believed to assist with relieving stress and balancing your mood when incorporated consistently into your daily wellness routine for a cumulative, consistent effect.

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been researched for a variety of benefits including helping the body adapt to stressful conditions and supporting improved memory and cognition.* We use a premium, pure 100% root extract of KSM-66 ashwagandha, which has been evaluated in numerous clinical trials and is known for being the most highly concentrated version available.

If Cacao Calm is sugar free, how does it taste so good?

Cacao Calm is sweetened with organic monk fruit instead of sugar. Monk fruit extract is virtually sugar-free and is extracted with water instead of harsh chemicals. Because our monk fruit is a real fruit extract, it has no unpleasant aftertaste.

Can I drink this more that once a day?

Sure! We recommend starting with one serving – you may find this is all you need. However, you can also drink a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening, or even use less than 1 rounded tablespoon per cup of water if you prefer a lighter flavor and a more subdued effect.

Is this product safe to use while pregnant or taking medications?

Everyone is unique and responds to new foods differently. Please consult with your doctor before using to ensure this is the right fit for your current dietary needs.