How to Drink Coffee Without Burning Out + Recipe

This post is dedicated to my team - who I am inspired by every day - and this recipe is inspired by the moments that I am asked, “JON, can you make me a quick pick-me-up!?”


While I never was a coffee person - I will make a separate post about this soon - I have discovered that much like chocolate, not all coffee is created equal.


In my observation, super acidic coffee does not always agree with people with digestive and/or adrenal fatigue issues.


When I discovered low-acid coffee, I was in love immediately. It was so smooth, and had none of the astringent notes that I didn’t enjoy in coffees I had tried in the past.


Coffee has enough antioxidants to make it a superfood, but the caffeine can be a challenge for anyone who is trying to overcome fatigue.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) coffee is considered a "False-Fire" food - in other words it can drain "Qi" or "Chi" (our primary day-to-day energy).


False-Fire is when a certain food tricks you into feeling energized, but actually depletes your energy reserve, what is referred to in TCM as "Jing".


While there is increasing awareness about the potential benefits of consuming Jing herbs, it’s best to protect your Jing rather than run your body on it's energy reserves.


I see so many people with low energy using massive amounts of Jing herbs, without giving their main energy source (Chi) more focus.


I was playing around with coffee one evening where a late night of work was needed, because I wanted a little extra dose of energy without any of the side effects I usually experience from coffee.


Long story short, this Qi Building Mocha was born!


We were all pretty much dancing after a few sips of this magical elixir, and I was shocked at how stable and non-jittery I felt later on that night, from drinking COFFEE!


The energy I felt from this delicious mocha was a pure, level source of energy - I remained grounded and focused.


In this recipe, we use Astragalus root and Cordyceps mushroom, both powerful Chi herbs; to balance the false-fire effects of coffee.


We support the flavor and increase the antioxidant and immune supporting properties by adding Chaga mushroom extract.


To further support energy, we add coconut MCT oil, which contains easily metabolized, saturated fats that fuel our cells.


To make this drink super ultra creamy, I use our 55% coconut cream chocolate bars, which have just the right amount of coconut and chocolate to give this drink a rich, frothy base.


I used our very own RatioSweet, which adds caramel notes - without the sugar.


In theory, you could add a different sweetener to this drink if you wanted to, but you can't even tell it's sugar free because our monkfruit has no bitterness, and it would no longer be keto friendly.


If you take one thing away from this, get creative with your coffee!


Add herbs and superfoods, and never be scared to add more chocolate to your life (-:






2 Shots of Espresso or 16oz Hot Low Acid Coffee


1 Cup Hot Filtered or Spring Water (omit if using coffee)


1 Whole 55% Coconut Cream Chocolate Bar


1-2 Tbsp Organic MCT Oil


1 tsp Wild Chaga Mushroom Extract (preferably dual-extracted)


1 tsp Astragalus Extract


1 tsp Cordyceps Mushroom Extract (preferably at least a hot water extract)


1 tsp Cinnamon (optional)




1. Add everything to your blender and blend. It's that easy! The chocolate will melt easily from the hot liquid and form a delightful foamy elixir!


2. Pour into your favorite mug and sip away.


3. Comment below and let us know what you think!!


  • Will you be making this (or similar) into a truffle??! One can only hope!

  • Hey Sally! I like Longevity coffee the best!

    Jonathan - Phi Kind
  • What low acid coffee do you recommend? I have been searching for an organic type!


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