Water: Achieve Optimal Hydration

 It is my never-ending passion to help others find ways to achieve optimal energy levels and beyond average cognitive function. I used to have neither. Once the lights turned on for me, and I realized how great I felt, I had to learn as much as possible and give back. Before sharing any one strategy that I used to recover my energy and turn around my health, the first thing I ask is: “Have you been drinking enough water?”.


Timing Is Everything

I like to start off my day with 32 oz. of pure water before eating or drinking anything. By doing this I optimize my metabolism and boost my digestive function for the rest of the day. This is the #1 thing I know to do to ensure I have optimal energy, alertness and cognitive function throughout the day. Even the healthiest people I know sometimes forget this simple step, be ahead of the game!


Don’t Be the Filter

Most municipal water contains a long list of contaminants including lead, arsenic, radioactive materials, rust, pharmaceutical drugs, bacterial toxins, bleach and much more. Most water is treated with chlorine, a halogen (article on halogens end the microbiome coming soon) that has the potential to destroy the beneficial microbes in our gut. What is the best kind of filter? Honestly, any filter is better than none, buy the best filter you can afford and will actually use. For city water, I recommend reverse osmosis with sediment and carbon block pre-filtration. If you live on a well, your needs will vary dramatically from source to source. If using reverse osmosis water for daily consumption, you might notice that you need to drink a lot of water to feel hydrated. Reverse osmosis water lacks essential minerals that help our cells maintain proper hydration. The best water for drinking is fresh spring water, spring water is structured in a special way and contains trace minerals and in some cases molecular hydrogen. If you can find a spring near you ( is a fantastic resource), I recommend harvesting some drinking water there at least some of the time. Railroads, trails and many of our major roadways were once built around springs, spring water was the original purified water and in many ways, is superior to any bottled water available today.


Add Lemon Juice

Adding lemon juice to your water upon waking helps boost digestive fire and normalize stomach PH. If you are drinking lots of water but are still constantly thirsty, give lemon water a try. Lemons are high in immune system supporting, antioxidant vitamin C.


The PH Deception

Massive amounts of money are being spent marketing alkaline PH water. While alkaline PH blood is essential, the same is not true in most of our digestive tract. Our stomach needs acidity to properly break down the food we eat. Having an acidic stomach PH is our immune systems first line of defense to fight off viruses, parasites and pathogenic bacteria1. PH stands for “power of hydrogen” which does not necessarily relate to the hydrogen content of the water. High PH (alkaline) water can be easily and inexpensively made by simply adding baking soda to water. H2 or molecular hydrogen is a neutral form of hydrogen gas that acts as an antioxidant, increasing the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of water. Looking for high ORP water of finding a way to drink water with higher levels of molecular hydrogen.


Although water is one of the most important resources on the planet, there is still a lot we do not understand about it. No matter what kind of water you have access to, it’s always best to stay hydrated no matter what. While I am ethically opposed to plastic bottled water, in a pinch, usually while traveling in airports, I will buy bottled spring water. Once you become dehydrated it is much more difficult to rehydrate so always think ahead.

 Jonathan Pantalis, Founder of Phi Kind Organics
Jonathan Pantalis - Founder, Phi Kind Organics



For more information on structured water:

Masaru Emoto: The Hidden Messages in Water.

Gerald Pollack: The Forth Phase of Water.


For more research on molecular hydrogen:

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 1 The Bactericidal Effects of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water on Bacterial Strains Involved in Hospital Infections


  • Jonathan, thank you for this article. Do you know anything about putting a magnet under distilled water container. I just got a distiller and will add trace minerals and or fulvic minerals, plus words on vessel. Do you have any info on this. Haven’t found much on the magnet info…like which side of magnet etc.

    Marsha Piper
  • Hi Jonathan, thanks for the information on water. I struggle to stay hydrated and have noticed the decline in my cognitive function as a result. I find it hard to drink water because it lacks taste and does not appeal to me that much. Recently a friend suggested putting a drop or two of flavored essential oil like either lemon or peppermint to make it taste better. However there is mixed information on whether or not this is safe. Can you comment on this?

  • Awesome article!!! Thank you so much for writing and sharing. I do not drink enough water and that is something to change for myself and your article gave several helpful reasons that I had never considered. Also the PH section was very enlightening. Thanks again!

    Kayla Griffin
  • Hello, I rarely drink water, I maybe consume 16oz a day on a good day. I don’t drink soda or coffee (or other) howevever. I’m basically a camel :). I’ve experimented with drinking more water on occasion, but never noticed a difference. I’m thinking about trying again (resolution time!), but I find it such a chore and I don’t enjoy water.
    So… couple Q’s: 32 oz seems like a ton to me! Do you try to drink it quickly or spread it out over a couple hours?
    Is it ok if I add vitamin flavor drops, or something that has more flavor than lemon?
    I’m 5’9 and weigh 145lbs, I have a desk job so I’m not very active M-F, how much water should I try to drink daily?
    Last question/comment, an odd one; I have overactive sebaceous glands (skin gets oily throughout the day), it seems water makes this worse, any insight or thoughts in regards?
    Thank you!!!

  • Great article. Well written, accurate and informative. People need to know what’s in their water. So important.


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